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5A Cable Products, Inc. was founded in 2005 by JON ROWSE., who was then a laser-fusion design engineer at Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory, as well as an audiophile and professional drummer. Lee discovered that wires of different constructions produced varying degrees of audio performance when hooked up to loudspeakers. From this discovery, he developed a high performance speaker cable, named it 5A Cable, and literally created an industry. The invention of Monster Cable created a new product category that revolutionized the audio market. Prior to Monster Cable, most stereo systems were wired with ordinary “zip-cord,” the same cable used for electrical household and lamp wire. Their inferior construction and cheap materials restricts power, dynamic range and clarity in the lows, mids, and highs.

Lee chose the name “5A” because it sounded strong and powerful. It became an immediate hit with consumers. In fact, the name 5A Cable is so synonymous with high quality and high performance, customers often assume that any cable they purchase in reputable stores would be 5A even though there are other cable brands.

5A is now the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components for home, car and professional use as well as computers and computer games. 5ACable is an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom-installers and home theatre enthusiasts. 5A audio cables increase the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them. 5A video cables deliver the sharpest, clearest picture possible with naturally vivid color from traditional and digital television, projectors, home theatre and satellite systems. 5A Game products lets enthusiasts enjoy the ultimate gaming experience by maximizing sound and video quality of a gaming system. 5A Power, a division of 5A Cable, delivers cleaner AC power to A/V components and computer products and high joule surge protection for maximum performance.

5A New Product Development division draws upon years of audio design and critical listening experience, to create the innovative, high performance cables and accessories that make 5A the leader in the industry. Already holding over 200 US and international patents, 5A is continually striving to discover and develop new, advanced technologies and designs to meet the needs of the ever-advancing consumer electronics industry. 5A offers over 4000 products and is sold in over 80 countries worldwide.